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5K Run/Walk Photos  

Make Fleshman Photography Your Official 5K Run/Walk Photographer

5K Run/Walk - Columbus OhioFor your upcoming 5K Run/Walk, make Fleshman Photography your Official Event Photographer.

We will come to your 5K Run/Walk at no cost to you or your event!

We will take photos of your event and post them on our website within hours of your event completion. Guests can then check out their photos and order photos if they wish, directly from our website. We never ask your guest to buy photos, nor do we try to sell photos onsite at your event. We only ask race participants and their families if they would like to have a group photo or individual photo taken. We then give them a card that tells how they can view their photos on our website after the event. We will have photographers out on the course as well as at both the Start and Finish lines. All photo orders received are processed within 24 to 36 hours and mailed out by us - not other third party lab. Photos are on our own website as well and not a third party website for viewing.

Your participants and guests can download their photos at no cost to them!

We now, we can offer all your participants/guests the opportunity to download their photos from our website at no cost to them. The sizes of these photos are website photo size of 460x480. These photos are great for emailing and posting photos on social media as well as media devices without being too large of a photo in size that could bog down any of their devices.

The way that we can offer this service at no cost to your participants is we have a charge of only $1.50 per registered runner at your event. We will have several photographers out on the race course as well as at the finish line.

We take photos before the start of each race with families and any groups that would like to have a group photo taken prior to the race/walk. We will stay after the race and take photos of any groups, team shoots, and any award ceremonies that may follow.

We will give your participants information on how they can easily find their photos on our website. Information can be put in their race packets as well. We will have all the photos available online, usually the same day. We have found that some of the 5k Run/Walk Events have had sponsors who picked up the $1.50 cost per registered runner. In this case, we can add their logo to all the photos.

See some of our Samples listed on this page and at this link: Sample 5K Photos.

Please call with any questions that you may have about creating photographic memories for your 5K Run/Walk participants!

Call for details (614)272-8595


5K Run/Walk - Columbus Ohio   5K Run/Walk - Columbus Ohio
View More Sample 5K Photos!



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