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Please click a category, below, to see some beautiful stock photos.  You can order your photos directly from this website.

"Our business is to focus on yours"

Professional Stock Photography by John Fleshman  


I have always had a passion for capturing scenic photos and have photo collections dating back to my high school years. I love what I do and hope these photos will find a place in your home or office to give you years of enjoyment.

Every photo has a story - some photos are totally spontaneous while others take hours to compose. God has given me the ability to compose wonderful visual moments and I want to share them with you. I will also personally sign each photo before sending it off to you.

I am also available for custom photo shoots throughout the world. Whether your are working on a development project or a marketing campaign, I will work with you to create a dynamic photographic portfolio or presentation.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here at Fleshman Stock Photos. Let me know if you don't see what you are looking for as you explore these pages. I have thousands of photos and may have exactly what you want. Be sure to stop back often for my latest stock photos! Thanks for visiting.

John Fleshman

Fleshman Photography
John C. Fleshman
Columbus, Ohio
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Fleshman Photography
Columbus, Ohio

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