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Class Reunion Photography Photos  

Offering Professional Digital Photography

Class Reunion Photography Photos - Columbus, Ohio

Fleshman Photography offers a free photography service for your upcoming Class Reunion.

We can come to your reunion and provide a complete Class Reunion Photography service for your group. Here is what we do:

  • Set up a background and studio lights.

  • Take photos of guests as they arrive.

  • Take a group photo just before dinner.

  • Print the group photos onsite and have all photos ready for guests to view after dinner.

  • Post all the Class Reunion photos on our website. This is a good way to show all your friends and families the photos that were taken at their Class Reunion event.

Price of the Class Reunion photos are:
 $14 for 5x7 couple/small groups
 $20 for 8x10 class group photos

There is no charge to have your photos taken. The only charge is if you buy your photos. (We accept VISA and Master Card on-site).

Call for details (614) 272-8595

Class Reunion Photography Photos - Columbus, Ohio



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Columbus, Ohio

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